The Mummy Trailer: Watch Tom Cruise Die In Monster Reboot – Video This Has Some Nice Moments But Is Basically A Mess, With Various Borrowings, Including Some Mummified Bits From An American Werewolf In London.

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The Mummy review  Tom Cruise returns in poorly bandaged corpse reviver

Midair acrobatics … Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in The Mummy. The Mummy review – Tom Cruise returns in poorly bandaged corpse reviver Framed as more of a superhero origin movie than ancient curse mystery, a messy plot unravels fast Creepy … Sofia Boutella as released sorceress Ahmanet in The Mummy.Photograph: Allstar/Universal Pictures The Mummy review – Tom Cruise returns in poorly bandaged corpse reviver Framed as more of a superhero origin movie than ancient curse mystery, a messy plot unravels fast Last modified on Thursday 8 June 2017 11.35 BST Be afraid, for here it is … again … emerging waxily from the darkness. This disturbing figure must surely be thousands of years old by now, a princeling worshipped as a god but entombed in his own riches and status; remarkably well preserved. It is Tom Cruise, who is back to launch a big summer reboot of The Mummy, that classic chiller about the revived corpse from ancient Egypt, from which the tomb door was last prised off in a trilogy of films between 1999 and 2008 with the lantern-jawed and rather forgotten Brendan Fraser in the lead. And before that, of course, there were classic versions with Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee both variously getting the all-over St John Ambulance treatment. Hit the road, Jack Reacher: why Tom Cruise should ditch the goody two-shoes act Traditionally, The Mummy is a scary movie (though unserious) about taboo and transgression, based on the made-up pop myth about the mummy’s “curse” – which has no basis in the history of ancient Egypt, but is a cheeky colonialist invention, which recasts local objection to our tomb-looting as something supernatural, malign and irrational. Yet that is not what this Mummy is about. It brings in the usual element of sub-Spielberg gung-ho capers, but essentially sees The Mummy as a superhero origin movie; or possibly supervillain; or Batmanishly both. The supporting characters are clearly there to be brought back as superhero-repertory characters for any putative Mummy franchise, including one who may well be inspired by Two-Face from The Dark Knight. The Mummy trailer: watch Tom Cruise die in monster reboot – video This has some nice moments but is basically a mess, with various borrowings, including some mummified bits from An American Werewolf in London. The plot sags like an aeon-old decaying limb: a jumble of ideas and scenes from what look like different screenplay drafts. There are two separate ancient “tomb-sites” which have to be busted open: one in London and one in Iraq.

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Invention Convention shows off student ideas

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